Our Services

What SS22 doesn't do

We don’t overwrite your business roadmap

We don’t wish you to come back

We don’t just do visual design

We don’t tackle your organizational issues

What SS22 does

You read it right. We do not hope you come back to us for the same types of strategic problems. We want you to come back because your business enters the next phase.

SS22 provides a new thought process for your company that helps with customer experience challenges. The process becomes a framework for those CX challenges throughout your customers’ touchpoints. We designed this framework to fit your company’s needs so you can re-apply it to various problems until your business scales to the next milestone.

Why SS22 is doing what it’s doing

A lot of companies with incredible talents and passions are eager to transform their idea into reality. Before rushing to the designers and developing the product/service, they might think they have a clear direction on what they want. However, it is not uncommon that the best idea can turn into a customer experience disaster, which is why we choose to make strategy the core of our process. We dissect your customer’s journey before it launches.

This strategic approach can help avoid unexpected costs after the product/service has launched because of insufficient research or planning.

Throughout this process, you can also understand what your customer really needs and how you can achieve that. It also makes the design process later much more efficient and enjoyable for both our clients and ourselves.

The SS22 Process

There is a duality in everything. SS22 rediscovers your SWOT table with the possible opposite side in mind.

The SS22 strategy process consists of 3 parts: Synchronize, Smash, Synthesize. Throughout these phases, we determine the SWOTs of your CX and offer a deeper dive with new perspectives.


During the synchronizing phase, the goal is to fully understand your company and what you are trying to achieve. We get a general understanding on who your target audience is, what your industry is like, what’s the goal of your product/service, and the value proposition of your company.


We break down the information you provided and redefine them with critical perspectives. Through this redefinition, you get to fully understand the values behind your goal, why your audience is willing to purchase your product/service, and what aspects your product/services are lacking.


With a new understanding of the customer experience issue, we start to suggest options to redirect or remain your focus to the right things. This process may also bring new elements and possibilities to your product/service, so that the engagement level with your customer can be elevated to a new level.

All these works come together to create a new customer experience strategy that guides you to the product/service design and development.